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eTV movies - poor sound (please pass on)


Re: eTV movies - poor sound (please pass on)

@Optimist Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have sent this to the channel. 


eTV movies - poor sound (please pass on)

Please can this be passed on to eTV via the managers.


I watch quite a number of movies on the various eTV channels, and the audio for all is very poor when listening on my panel TV's stereo output compared to the M-Net Movie channels.


1. Background noise and special effects are too loud and drown out the dialogue. Speak to MultiChoice about this, they've worked on it for years and it's become pretty good now.


2. Switching from stereo to mono largely helps, which is a bad sign for your tech ability eTV.


3. Dialogue is then still quite bad all too often. I'm older, so perhaps am more affected by what seems to be generally too-much-bass audio but I find that increasing the higher frequency range on the TV's graphic equaliser helps.


Many thanks