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4 tuner Decoder Software Updates?

Red Carpet

4 tuner Decoder Software Updates?

[auto moderator messed with this post!]

Chaos is still going on for those of us with these decoders. Strings of completely inexplicable issues for days now, including loss of Linear TV reception while all other functions still work (E133-4) errors, loss of access to EPG updates (EPG frozen), complete loss of signal on tuner 4 (zero signal and quality values), schedule setting failures, etc.


Are these decoders also getting much needed hidden software updates?  If they are, thank you very much, those of us with working 4 tuners appreciate the attention.


BTW, the signal and quality displays on these decoders have generally been fairly reliable and useful. Now they are just about meaningless. There is no way that a decoder will lock on a signal that is below 60%! And it is impossible for a decoder to show 100% quality with signals as low as 20%. 

I wonder why MC has to try and do this without some indication to its customers with these decoders.

When last has anyone seen MC use the mail message function on any of their decoders??

It would be completely possible to target customers with a message when doing all this background fiddling.


"We are currently undertaking much-needed software and other system updates that might affect
the performance of your decoders. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience while this process is underway"

 The above would be much better than the silent mushroom treatment dished out by MC at the moment.

[automoderator messed with this post!]

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