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Missing tv guide and other features


Re: Missing tv guide and other features

Sounds to me like this might be a signal issue. I'm not sure again which tuner relays boxoffice/catchup and EPG data. But I know that in the past misalignment of the dish (due to rain/storms/wind etc) caused this problem for me. 


Maybe a good idea to call out an installer to have a look.

New poster

Missing tv guide and other features

Good day all,


I have an hd pvr in my lounge and a standard decoder in the bedroom with extraview set up.For the past 6 months or so my tv guide doesnt display upcoming programs.On the info window you will only see the currently airing program and whats up next and thats it.My catchup and boxoffice menus also a display a loading message but nothing ever is loaded.Prior to all this i used boxoffice regularly.In the settings menu the hd pvr shows there is a software update available but selecting upgrade now or scheduling an update always fails.


Any ideas?Is there a fix i can try or i just have to take all my decoders to an installer or something?