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Radical changes to the 5 music channels

New poster

Re: Radical changes to the 5 music channels

Nope don't buy this explanation!

multichoice has huge financial muscle in the market and can dictate content as well as add more channels.

Pure hogwash that diversity and choice is the driver as all the channels have suddenly become a mismash of mainly local and international content with a bias on Africanisation, be it Africa or African-American. Who's choice and diversity?

Sorry dear moderator thanx for the response but in my humble opinion smoke and mirrors.



Red Carpet

Re: Radical changes to the 5 music channels

You just need to look at the "variety" of music video channels available  to get you answer. We - and and specifically I - begged for years for a music video channel showing current mainstream music (not to mention alternative & rock) but eventually I accepted defeat. It is a losing battle.


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Re: Radical changes to the 5 music channels

Hi mosvms. Multichoice offers a wide spectrum of channels aimed at addressing diverse choices and differing tastes of its subscribers. The need for diversity extends to music channels as well. It is for this reason that Multichoice offers a number of different local and international music channels.

We do not have control over the editorial policies of any of our channels and we are bound by our contractual obligations to deliver the channels to our subscribers uninterrupted.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Red Carpet

Re: Radical changes to the 5 music channels

Here is the answer you are going to get.

"We undertook extensive market surveys and established that the market prefers ......blah blah blah."

so don't hold your hopes up on getting any meaningful response.

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New poster

Radical changes to the 5 music channels

Why has dstv made radical changes to Channels 321/2/5/6/7?

There seems to be a concerted effort to block out mainstream artists by means of an Africanistion of all the channels.

I have no problem showcasing local & African music, although I must admit that I am not a huge fan, but all the channels? What has happened to music from Dua Lupo; Maroon 5; Imagine Dragon; Taylor Swift; Charlie Puth; Demi Lovato; Pharrel Williams; Rhianna; Panic! At the Disco; Halsey; Ariana; The Chainsmokers; Marshmallow; 21 Savages; etc etc etc?

At age 64 I am an anomoly in that I really live for the current batch of music and channel 325 used to be my go-to source but by and large mainstream artists have become an afterthought.

I would be very interested in a response