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Serious issue with music channels content!

New poster

Serious issue with music channels content!


Has anybody of late looked and heard what is being offered on the 5 music channels that Multichoise has no control over?

I am by no means a prude but I am totally disgusted with a large portion of the content!

I sat and painfully watched a couple of numbers on Hits & Lyrics last Sunday afternoon and I cannot believe the lyrics that are bleeped out and those that escape. The ad nauseam ever repeating is:

  • f*cking or f*cker
  • h** or h**s
  • p*ssy 
  • motherf*cker
  • bitch
  • n*gger or n*gga
  • **bleep**
  • fat **bleep**
  • up the arse
  • 69

to name just a few of the words that seem to have become the norm.

In addition what has also become an accepted practice is to treat woman like pieces of meat and so-called artists display a totally misogynistic attitude that appears to be the new cool. However, somewhat in their defence which kills me is that many of the women in the videos carry on shaking pounds and pounds of cellulite and flaunting everything.

I can just imagine my teenage daughters and grand-daughters watching a real class act like Camilla Cabello and suddenly we switch to a Migos or Kenrick Lamar with their foul language and revolting antics that in no way could earn any self-respect.

Come on moderator your channels during the day are supposed to be family orientated not peppered with obnoxious and nauseating language and flaunting of gross body parts. 

Given you have all of a sudden mixed content that you have no control over (methinks this is bulldust and I am sure that ICASA would be most puzzled by this stance) it is not as if parents can choose a time that would be suitable for young children to watch!

Looking forward to this response as dstv is not cheap and content should be driven by subscribers not by content providers!