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103: New Series - 1 to 17 March '19


Re: 103: New Series - 1 to 14 March '19

Thanks so much for your March Series Highlights Optimist  Smiley Happy  I have been looking for the March Highlights for a while and see nothing.  Would have missed For the People if not for you, which I really enjoy ..... thank you !  What is so hard about these Highlights being put up on time by the people responsible ??   (I know I am not alone with this question, but it seems really rudimentary to me .....)


103: New Series - 1 to 17 March '19

Note that some series may have been on another DStv channel or Showmax previously.

Some series could have premiered a few days earlier in February.


Monday 11th


Mon 11a.jpg


Mon 11b.jpg


Mon 11c.jpg