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115: Harrow start time


Re: 115: Harrow start time

They're also doing strange things with the slot times that are supposedly still unchanged on the channel - 115: Elementary is listed tonight from 19:09 to 19:57 (normally 19:10 to 20:00).


I think I'm going to stop reporting anything as well, it's an endless uphill battle normally resulting in a waste of time for most trying to reveal the issues here.

Doin' it 4 Tv

115: Harrow start time

So not only are MC throwing the schedule out the window, they are changing start times. Since Harrow started, I would record Ransom (117) and then Harrow (115) directly thereafter. This morning I note that Harrow start time has moved earlier meaning I can't record as usual.


MC, make up your minds - do you want viewers on not? Consistancy is key.