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115 Wentworth / loss of repeats

Red Carpet

Re: 115 Wentworth / loss of repeats

Seems Better Call Saul also no longer has a repeat! Fortunately I have CU+ or I would now have missed last night's episode! I'd call it a pathetic service but, alas, these IS no service...


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Re: 115 Wentworth / loss of repeats

im afraid this seems to be the new normal on M-Net City. Look at instinct and harrow one week there is repeats another week there is nothing thank goodness its on CU

Doin' it 4 Tv

115 Wentworth / loss of repeats

I'm so sick and tired of MC's nonsense!! At about 6:30 last night I discovered that a massive change was made to schedule of 115.


Firstly, new season of Wentworth was added with 2 episodes screened daily. No notification, announcement and it was not there 24 hours earlier. I see @FIFO did post about it, https://community.dstv.com/t5/Series/Wentworth-season-6-on-M-Net-City-today/td-p/20396. So sorry if this is a series you watch and missed the first 2 episodes as there seem to be no repeats.


And therewith is my issue - no / loss of repeats!! Not only does Wentworth not have repeats, late night series on this channel have lost their repeats - I can't find anything for Harrow, One Dollar, Ray Donovan. I frustratingly had to reset all my recordings for the entire week to ensure that I recorded the single episodes being screened of series I watch. Don't know how many times I have to explain to MC the importance of repeats, but this time I only have one thing to say - LOADSHEDDING!! Yes, apparently we will be not have loadshedding this week, but if we do and there is only one screening of an episode, please advise how we are supposed to watch our series??


Yes, some series are on CU, but even last week with the loadshedding, downloads were intermittent. And no, I'm not using CU+ just to counter the poor service that MC strives so hard to provide. There has to be more than once screening of an episode of a series!!!


Once again it seems that viewers / subscribers / the people that actually PAY for this service are of no interest to MC when it comes to decision making!