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119: Baptiste

Doin' it 4 Tv

119: Baptiste

Starts 14th


The show uses one of the central characters from the TV series, The Missing, that of Julien Baptiste played by Tchéky Karyo. Baptiste's wife and daughter are played by the same actors from The Missing, otherwise all other characters and actors starring in the programme are new to this storyline.

After having an operation on his brain tumour, Julien Baptiste claims he is not the man he once was. His old boss persuades him to help the Dutch Police look for a missing sex worker in Amsterdam. Whilst looking, he meets Edward (Tom Hollander), the uncle of the missing girl. All is not as it seems with Edward and the show also introduces Kim Vogel (Talisia Garcia), who has a criminal history and Constantin, (Alec Secăreanu), a Romanian national who is seen murdering and dismembering a victim at the start of the programme.