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119 MotherFatherSon

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: 119 MotherFatherSon

Mad Cat, you, or anyone else, watching this series? Is it worth watching? 


Re: 119 MotherFatherSon

For those without Explora CU - it's already on Ep. 2 this week, so Ep. 1 would need to be watched with online / DStv Now CU.

Repeats are on Thurs. @  20:00 and Sat. @  22:00.


This public review sums it up for me;


Modern Shakespearean story. It gets better as the episodes go by

10 April 2019 | by maria-ricci-1983

I don't understand the harsh reviews. It is a solid show, with a heavy, intense, highly dramatic and climactic story where intrafamilial, transgenerational drama intertwins with high politics, high media and high-tech espionage. Although the first episodes seem a bit too excessive and complex, as the chapters go by the dust sets a little and you start to get where this comes from, although not where it goes (I am on chapter 5 so far). The performances are really intense and brilliant (McCrory is a shining actress), and yes, sometimes it gets a bit over the top, but the story is a modern Shakespearean drama, with a monstrous father who has also been a victim and is keen on creating an improved version of a young monster in his own adult child. I have found it to be intriguing, passionate and well paced.


119 MotherFatherSon

Started already (apologies for late post) is available on CU. Sundays 8pm


US-born Max is at the heart of British politics and power, owner of a media empire that includes newspapers and television stations. His aristocratic ex-wife Kathryn has been frozen out of the family and spends her days working at a homeless shelter. Stars Richard Gere.