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Are the studios robbing us?


Re: Are the studios robbing us?

I wasn't going to contribute here as I feel I'm seeing opposite, but now think a two sided look is always healthy and of course what we watch has an influence on all opinions.


For me, most standard series continue to be (excluding ads, including the credit roles) 41 / 42 min., with the sitcoms on 23 / 24 min.

I'm finding some further series now too long per episode, such as the new "Escape From Dan... etc." and True Detective. Have to wonder about the younger gens' attention spans as well.


Off-topic, the thing that's bugging me more is Hollywood's increasing release of cinema-sized aspect ratio content, not just movies now as our new "Escape From Dan... etc." reveals.

St00pid? Or is the American public being hypnotised into investing in those ridiculously sized panels?

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Re: Are the studios robbing us?

I will have to check what is the case on e-tv and SABC 2 and 3. But we view just about nothing "live" so dont notice it particularly as we FF through the cr@p as best we can.

Will measure a few shows ....

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Re: Are the studios robbing us?

We've been watching some Everybody loves Raymond (1996-2005) off Fox, they run for about 25 - 30 minutes.  How I met your mother and more recent comedies are about 15 -20 minutes more fillers.


I haven't noticed with the 1 hour shows. Cold Case seems to run as long as the newer stuff. Then again with most stuff we are watching, I normally feel like I've been sitting there for hours before the half way mark.

Red Carpet

Are the studios robbing us?

It seems the US studios are getting more and more greedy to make as much revenue as possible from TV shows - the show lengths appear to be getting shorter all the time - i.e. less production cost and more time for ads!


I have been monitoring  a few shows and today I saw that the latest episode of Young Sheldon - if you don't count the DSTV intro - is not even 18 minutes. Take out the theme music/intro and it clocks in at about 17.5 minutes. I remember very clearly that all sitcoms used to be around 21 or 22 minutes standard so under 18 minutes is almost 20% less show!.


Fortunately not all shows are guilty of this - sitcoms appear to be the worst offenders. Dramas and other typically 1-hour shows should be around the 50 minute mark but some also go as low as 45 minutes. But then I have to add that some - especially HBO it seems - often come close to even 60 minutes. I'm looking forward to the almost 90 minute Game Of Thrones episodes in the final series!


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