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DSTV Guide


Re: DSTV Guide

That is so great !  It is much more user-friendly Smiley Happy


Re: DSTV Guide

Old guide up again...Smiley Happy


So glad about this - yippeeeeee. Smiley Very Happy

It is much more user friendly than the "other" guide.

HD awesomeness

Re: DSTV Guide

And discussion about it here: The useless Online Guide - ongoing reports...

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: DSTV Guide

The old one has gone AWOL, taking with it some needed functionality. The new one is over here 

SLNB LMX501| Explora 2A (Primary 4,5,6) Explora 2A (Secondary 0,1,2) | Xtraview - decoders same room | 3 distributed HDMI endpoints via 2x4 Matrix
and Cat6 | 200/100 Fibre (OpenServe/Afrihost Premium UnCapped) | HD 5S in holiday mode

DSTV Guide

I am not sure I am posting this under the right topic, but I couldn't find anything that made sense to me.  I have not been able to view the DSTV Guide online for the past two days.  An error message comes up immediately saying 'there is no server available at present'.  Any feedback on this ?