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Disappointed in DStv Compact


Re: Disappointed in DStv Compact

It's not just Compact. Premium is also somewhat a mess not as big as compact but mess all the same 


Disappointed in DStv Compact

Last year when DStv gave the Family package the Compact channels for a couple of weeks, channels like MNet City seemed to give a good offering. & With DStv giving less to the lower packages I thought it be a good idea to upgrade. This year has so far has been disappointing.  Except for a handful of shows there has been no real entertainment value. 


Dreary, unlikable cop shows like The Sinner and Absentia.


Constant repeating of the same shows,  Wisdom of the crowd and the Good Fight have been repeated at least twice along with a few others I'm recognizing as channel standards.


Racing through shows like Chicago fire s5, 5 x a week, Chicago PD s4 5-6 x a week which was bad enough. But then in the last week or so of airing instead of having one new episode + repeat of that episode a day, DStv showed two new episodes a day (& of course my recorder messed up a recording & I wasn't able to try again).  Now same scenario with Blue Blood s8 5x a week. 


There is the problem of where DStv is basically refusing to give anything new to the lower packages  I had to give many shows a miss because they were plot based, seasons on & I don't feel there is any use starting in the middle or even the end.


This is not taking into account there is far less new, on channels given down to the Family Channel.


All that has happened is that due to DStv cutting down on new shows & removing channels from the package moving to Compact has put us in the same position quantity wise for when we joined but the quality & enjoyment of the shows are worst.  The family & I are seriously considering downgrading not to Family but to Access. With E.tv improving & everything else worstening we don't see any use stopping at Family.