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Elementary S6


Re: Elementary S6

@Premium yes you can watch them on DStv


Just not soon will have to wait for current seasons to end then wait for repeat broadcast. They should repeat by December January on either Vuzu or binge

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Re: Elementary S6

I had no idea new series were being aired on MNet City!!. I've missed most of iZombie S4 and Gotham S4! Episodes are also no longer available on Catchup nor on DStv Now! I'm so disappointed with MNet! I'm going to download the episodes I've missed from the internet. Still wondering WHY I'm paying DStv! Is there any other way I can watch these 2 seasons (iZombie S4 and Gotham S4) from episode 1 on DStv?


Re: Elementary S6

Hi All.


Please see below response from M-Net.


"The start date for Elementary season 6 was moved due to the production break of Instinct, which is currently airing in this slot.


As per last year’s forum discussion, it was raised that some content that used to air on M-Net will now premiere on M-Net City.

Unfortunately, due to the bumper-to-bumper schedule, M-Net 101 is not able to accommodate some new and returning series.

Please note that like M-Net 101, M-Net City is also broadcast in HD.


New seasons of The Originals, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, iZombie, Falling Water, Imposters and Code Black as well as

first-season series such as Instinct and Shut Eye have already started airing/will be airing on the channel." ~



Re: Elementary S6

These changes were all discussed long ago with representatives from the M-Net Group, but it's all lost now as it was on the old forum...

Basically, there is some sharing between packages on a few of their channels these days. How it all works is still fluid at times, but it's mostly more balanced than you think.


@Mods - we need some sort of response now from the M-Net Group re Elementary S6 having been shifted again. TIA


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Re: Elementary S6

I don't understand why Elemantary Season 6 is premiering on MNet City and not MNet 101. 

Season 5 continued on MNet City after a very long wait due to there being no space on MNet 101 to continue the series. But that was supposed to have been a once off situation!

MNet City is meant for NON-Premium subscibers, who are only meant to receive series after it has been screened on the flagship channels such as MNet 101. But now they are receiving new series at the same time as Premium subscribers! Why am I paying a premium to receive content at the same time as NON-Premium subscribers? Is MNet planning to introduce new content to MNet City on a regular basis now?

Clearly, closing MNet Edge was a bad idea. MNet needs a second channel. 

No more "Express from the US", no more MNet Edge, too many reality shows, "scheduling breaks" that make absolutely no sense, not showing the best new series available... I'm cancelling my subscription and moving to Netflix!

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Re: Elementary S6

It seems there are no longer any further updates about schedule changes once the initial schedules are posted. Jamestown has also been removed and no questions about it has been answered so far. We are all alone in a dark & miserable place... Robot Sad


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Re: Elementary S6

@Cya_DStv1 wrote:

@FIFO @Beetle Elementary S06 will return on MCity at 19:00 Wed, 20 June 2018 and has a total of 21 episodes which will end 07 Nov 2018. Note that dates and times are subject to change.

Still shows Instinct (New) in the 19:00 timeslot on Wed 20 June?  No Elementary.

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Re: Elementary S6

Easy to answer. The desire for instant gratification that pervades society these days, coupled with the availability of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and, the fascination that humans have always had in witnessing/watching other people's misery and pain.

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Re: Elementary S6

@FIFO wrote:

I'm not seeing Elementary on the schedule? What's going on?

Here we go again... last season we ended up delayed about 6 months!!! :-((((


Got to wonder what's made newer generations' minds rot so much that they prefer reality series over anything decent now :-(



Re: Elementary S6

I'm not seeing Elementary on the schedule? What's going on?