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Enhancements to DStv Now (published by MC)


Re: Enhancements to DStv Now (published by MC)

@Optimist wrote:

This might cause some confusion amongst customers initially, but we are ready to assist and explain when required.

@BusiN_DStv1  - please note the offer in MC's article to assist and explain when required - @Luke7777  will need an answer.


BTW, your manager's details are being passed on to some other Forumites, perhaps one of them will have your and your colleagues lack of attention to this forum investigated.


Re: Enhancements to DStv Now (published by MC)

Help me to understand this...  This change isn't really an issue for me (I think) since I only have a premium subscription.  Might make swopping out hardware less painful, since the profile is no longer linked to the hardware. Although I don't think I've ever had to relink my profile everytime I switched out decoders. Maybe it was done in the shop on my behalf.


If this new profile link is now per subscription, does that mean that you can have 4 devices per sub, as in 4 on your Premium profile and another 4 on your Compact profile and depending on which profile you use, your DSTV Now channels will reflect that ? 


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Re: Enhancements to DStv Now (published by MC)

Blundering on like a bull in a china shop ---- and hope nothing will be broken.

Is there no one in MC that is able to undertake a proper relationship study to establish exactly what will result in a one-to-one relationship between Showmax and a customer?????


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Enhancements to DStv Now (published by MC)

Posted by MC in their news section at dstv.co.za

I'm posting this here as it's impossible to see normal threads in the DStv Now section anymore given the flood of MC's registration kr*p that never ends!

Comments at the end.


                         Enhancements to DStv Now


MultiChoice’s division, Connected Video, has been working on improvements to the DStv Now onboarding journey. One of the improvements is to ensure that the correct access to services is provided and maintained.

Previously a customer’s online profile was linked to a smartcard on the customer’s account. Some customers have numerous smartcards on their account and at times this caused challenges with ensuring that the correct services were provided.

Linking the online profile to the customer’s subscription will improve this experience and maintain the correct provisioning of services to customers.

On the 4th Dec, a data refresh will be done to ensure the right services are delivered to all customers. This might cause some confusion amongst customers initially, but we are ready to assist and explain when required.



Seriously MC?? Some customers have multiple subscriptions on the same account (I have as well), and in some instances that's in exactly the same way as they had... many smartcards :-/