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Marvel's Runaways S2


Re: Marvel's Runaways S2

@Luke7777 wrote:

Again it's the (incorrect) use of that word "only" .....  


"First on Showmax"  is all that is/was needed

Further feedback:

Here's another example MC;

Trevor Noah presents NationWild, first and only on Showmax


Nope... shortly afterwards it appeared on 103 1Magic and is also on CU (currently on a break).


Please, take care with your wording.


Re: Marvel's Runaways S2

Such endless carelessness everywhere... first discussed 10 years ago on the original forum, by now so much worse and so out of control.


Re: Marvel's Runaways S2

It will probably follow later on regular channels , similar to Runaways S1 being first on Showmax and now on City.  Again it's the (incorrect) use of that word "only" .....  


"First on Showmax"  is all that is/was needed



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Re: Marvel's Runaways S2

This is becoming more common every month - no longer a rare exception.


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Re: Marvel's Runaways S2

@Grace_DStv1 wrote:

First and Only on Showmax. 


Only on Showmax?  S1 is currently on M-Net City, so that's very poor form to start broadcasting the show on regular TV but then not continue with subsequent seasons.


Marvel's Runaways S2

First and Only on Showmax. When six teenagers realise their parents are super villains and hiding dark secrets, they must band together to stop them – before it’s too late. 


Nobody holds a grudge like a teenager can. As they say, "We’re not the kids that went missing. We’re the ones that ran away".


Marvel's Runaways S2 returns 24 December 2018.

Marvel's Runaways S2.PNG



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