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NatGeo HD??


Re: NatGeo HD??

Very disappointing. This channel should have gone HD long before many others that have already done so.


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Re: NatGeo HD??


We definitely understand, however, it won't be anytime soon, but we will keep you in the loop if anything changes.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: NatGeo HD??

Watching Mars in SD is horrible. Let's hope this happens sooner rather than later 

--Explora 1 & 2a--

Re: NatGeo HD??

Yes JeanP, that would be nice.


It should actually happen sooner.

Nat Geo has been in HD on Starsat for a while know.


Let's hope......



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Doin' it 4 Tv

NatGeo HD??

You know what will be very nice? If NatGeo can be transferred into HD by March next year. Just in time for season 2 of Cosmos 

--Explora 1 & 2a--