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Need for earlier highlights info - what is this?


Need for earlier highlights info - what is this?

What is this MC??


@BusiN_DStv1 wrote:

M-Net Schedule Updates

New Updates .....

We've seen it many times on the schedule highlights for 101 & 115 - by offering "new updates" it clearly says that there was at least one earlier published schedule for that month, and that we could therefore be getting the earlier info we keep asking for...


So why aren't we??

Two possible main reasons - either MC & co. don't want to commit to this earlier release here, or the Mods aren't trying well enough (maybe they didn't know before this?)


Therefore it's surely reasonable to ask if we can at least be told where those earlier releases are published?? They're clearly public releases.


Please supply some answer Mods, if need be after consulting with M-Net & co.