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New series on Showmax


Re: New series on Showmax

There certainly is a stronger drive towards using it now.


What's still needed for it to possibly become attractive enough for regular use is the ability to instead download on Exploras... hint, hint ;-)


The other thing that's been floating around is the idea that MC (and the world) are moving more towards purer online services - I haven't read up on it enough so don't really know what it could or already is known to mean, but on the old forum we did also discuss talk that economically satellite services themselves are in danger <EEK!>

Red Carpet

Re: New series on Showmax

Or, heaven forbid, they are purposely trying to move enough shows across so that, once they start charging, they hope enough people will be conned into paying to not miss out.  Man LOL


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Re: New series on Showmax

I suspect it may remain free, for a good while further anyway.

It would need to be a better price than Compact (Plus) pays which is something around R49 p/m, and how much lower than that can they go before it appears meaningless and trivial...

And, certainly Premium can do with whatever boosts it can get these days.


But with this mad Rand of ours who can be at all sure of anything anymore :-/

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: New series on Showmax

@JeanP There aren't any plans as yet but should there be any changes in future, we will sure communicate that with you way in advance.


Re: New series on Showmax

Me hopes it doesn't 


New series on Showmax

Besides the newer seasons of Magicians and Dr. Who discussed elsewhere, these new series are starting on Showmax this month;


LA to Vegas (First on Showmax)
Harlots S02 (First on Showmax)
Impastor S01 & S02
Casual S03
HBO's Mosaic
Mistresses S01 to S04
Playing House S02


Details: https://www.dstv.com/en-za/news/9-new-series-to-stream-20180829


So this has now become very much part of the service. Maybe time for MC to announce what will happen when the current Showmax-free-for-Premium period ends.