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Perpetual repeats of some things but none of others??


Re: Perpetual repeats of some things but none of others??

Thanks for your feedback and insights on this, Krugie. 


I must say that this makes it even harder to justify holding on to my Premium subscription... the repeats on at least some of the channels are so extreme that I think are just filling programming and not really based on demand. Streaming series is more and more appealing... certainly in terms of cost and it seems also in terms of accessibility / availability.


Thanks again. At least I better understand their policies and the inter-play (or not) between channels. I see myself as a customer of DStv, not of M-Net and umpteen separate channels. 

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Re: Perpetual repeats of some things but none of others??

I don't think any of the foreign language series have ever been repeated. The thinking is probably that the demand is not that high - possibly even only single broadcast rights purchased. The other issue is that (currently) only M-Net is showing foreign language series and their policy is not to have any repeats from 18H00 to midnight. This doesn't stop them from repeating it in the early morning hours though but M-Net always only ever show a series once. Repeats are limited to within 7 days of the original episode.


Unless another channel (like M-Net City) starts showing foreign language content you are not likely to have any luck.


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Perpetual repeats of some things but none of others??

While DStv is - in my opinion, correctly - criticised for the excessive number of repeats (even of the already 10 year old programmes), where one hopes for a repeat - just one - there are sometimes simply none. 


A case in point is 'Ride Upon The Storm' (the Danish drama that had been screened late night Saturdays). I only picked up on this late into the season and would love to watch the whole series - but it seems that it has never been repeated? Am I missing something?