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Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

Blindspot starts on 103 on the 16th - no repeats

All American returns on 103 on the 17th - no repeats


This is a step backwards. There has to be at least 1 repeat else recording becomes an absolute nightmare.


MC, make a plan!!!!


Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

Hi @MadCat, we're checking with the scheduling team.~ 

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

So again MC's scheduling baffles me. The following is completely illogical, make no sense and I'm sure viewers are not going to made aware that this is happening.


Season 1 of Startup is currently being sceened on 115 on Monday nights. ep 9 of 10 is being screened tomorrow night, therefore last ep is due on 8 October.


Season 2, according to EPG, is scheduled to start Thursday 4 October on 103. This before season 1 has even ended and even on a completely different channel.


Really MC? Who compiles the schedules? Can MC channels not talk to each other.


Disappointed, but not surprised....

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

@Kagiso_DStv1 wrote:

We understand that in this instance we're more on programming but allow us to give clarity using sport as an example. Let's take boxing as an example, an international supplier/provider of a certain boxing bout might restrict us from repeating the bout on lower packages. 

Sport - how did this make it into the conversation? Another obfuscation by MC.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

@Cya_DStv1 wrote:

@MadCat We do understand your frustration especially with the afore-mentioned shows, however, if you can remember the past few years have been more focused on cutting down on repeats as has been the subscriber's outcry. It would be rather unfair to prioritise certain shows which appeal to a certain few and have them on repeat regurlary as we have thousands of titles and spacing as you also mention would be an issue.
However, there are various metrics we consider before we can reach such decisions and contractual obligations we have to adhere by.
As a more plausible solution, you can set scheduled recordings of the shows that appeal to you.

What a patronising reply!! If you knew anything about me, you would know I record everything. But there are conditions beyond my control, and quite frankly throwing our "metrics" and "contractual obligations" out as excuses just shows me how much you can't accept responibility for your errors and incompetancy.


With regards to repeats - subscribers were never complaining about premium series, with episodes being repeated a handful of times on the same channel and the series being repeated on other channels. What subscribers were complaining about were the endless repeats of the same movies and old series making repeated appearance s on channels such as 117 and 122. MC howver could not solve the problem, so they chose to make changes to something that was not broken.


And, lastly, and most obviously, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION!!

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

@Grace_DStv1 wrote:

@MadCat wrote:

@Gugulizer wrote:
And let's not forget the Jane the Virgin issue where you didn't even televise S03 at all last year on 116 for us Compact users and suddenly there's S04, and when I reported it the social media guys on Twitter said they will report it to the programme schedulers but the premier episode came and gone without further feedback. Now I am recording S04 of Jane not knowing if I will ever get the chance. Nevermind that I tweeted last year about this and was acknowledged but still this happened - which isn't the first time in Compact.


This is my issue with The Path,  https://community.dstv.com/t5/What-s-On/Path-season-2-repeat/m-p/801#M246. Recorded season 2 on 101, except ep 7 which was a failed recording. So I patiently waited for it to be repeated on 115 / 116 / whatever. Now season 3 is starting and season 2 has not been repeated anywhere.

Hi @Gugulizer - we get what you saying, and apologies for not getting any feedback. Let's fix that, waiting for the channel to advise on Jane the Virgin S3.

@MadCat - The Path S1 and 2 aired on M-Net 101 and M-Net Terrestrial only never on M-Net City ch 115. Season 1 was then repeated on Vuzu and M-Net Binge. There is no indication that S2 will be repeated on the above channels because S3 will start on M-Net and Terrestrial. 

How is this logical planning: Season 1 is repeated 3 times on 3 different channels. Season 2 is aired one and when viewers see season 3 is scheduled to start and ask what happened to a repeat of season 2, we are told we are not repeating it because season 3 is starting - what utter rubbish!

Red Carpet

Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

This is like those generic BBC replies where you ask about one thing but the answer is in general about other things and doesn't come close to the question. Man LOL


The fact is that there is no real acceptable answer why one season of a series get skipped and the next one gets shown. The reality is that this is happening because of bad planning. The removal of M-Net Egde has left a serious gap in premium time available for the number series M-Net are acquiring and this has forced premium content to be moved to premier on lower-tier channels. And all of this was  done with little to no after-though so new season had to be rushed to be shown (possibly before the rights fall away) without sufficient time for the lower-tier channels to catch up and show previous seasons.


So the question remains, why would Compact subscribers (for example) want to watch season 4 if they were never shown season 3 - but only seasons 1 and 2? This is a SERIES - not sport.


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Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

And I get that, truly I do. I understand we won't get everything shown on Premium. It just doesn't make sense that you would televise S01 and S02, skip S03 then return with S04. Whether contractual issues or not someone didn't do their job and all I ask for is admission of said mistake and rectification. Just televise S03 of Jane the Virgin please, because right now I'm recording S04 not even knowing I will ever be able to watch it... Do the right thing.


Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

@Gugulizer, It really depends on the initial agreement. This is a complex contractual process done at a strategic level. The point that we were making is that some content providers do not give us permission to repeat their programmes on lower packages. It is not always the case that a programme that aired on DStv Premium will be aired on a DStv Compact channel. 


Re: Poor scheduling / lack of repeats

Are you telling me that you have to make a fresh bidding every year for every season of a show? As in there's a new contract for a new season? 🤔