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Pop-up ads now intruding on some series, and CU

Red Carpet

Re: Pop-up ads now intruding on some series, and CU

As per details via the link I gave, it's just been recently noticed on Survivor S.A. by me, and in its Catch Up version.

It's in the form of "helpful tips", relating to then-current activities on the show, but is clearly as commercial as any other advertising.

We saw similar on a less known Christian type movie just before the old forum closed.


Others may want feedback but personally I'm not looking for that, this is a business decision, probably made by M-Net Corporate which they're entitled to make with their business. They know only too well how such distractions and more-forced marketing are disliked by many viewers, but still think it's the way forward... perhaps due to their financial pressures from the owners.


Time will tell if reaction to the wide lack of customers' service qualities we're witnessing these days outweighs the savings and profits gained, but it looks like it usually does in the business world to me.


I am aware that there are positive efforts underway as well, and maybe this issue won't spread but I think it's only a matter of time.

I won't get into further discussion, thanks for your involvement.



(Edited a few times to deliver a clearer response, now done.)


Re: Pop-up ads now intruding on some series, and CU

Hi @Optimist, please tell us on which shows you've seen this so we can investigate.~

Red Carpet

Pop-up ads now intruding on some series, and CU

Fortunately only seen on reality series so far.

See this 6th post for the details, in the following thread I posted in About-The-Community \ Guidelines;


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