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Reasons for Castle Rock "Linear Break"?


Re: Reasons for Castle Rock "Linear Break"?

I think you'll find it was emptied for specials and holiday musicals 


Re: Reasons for Castle Rock "Linear Break"?

@RyanDavid wrote:

...It's disappointing that we are so far behind international release dates with so many series...

Since you haven't been around much Ryan, just a mention in case you missed noticing it that Showmax (SM) seems to be moving more and more towards offering some of the series earlier again.

There's some confusion (mostly on MC & co.'s side) re exclusive showings on SM, which so far has fortunately proven to be untrue, and we're all in the dark as to whether SM will remain free to Premium, but maybe MC & co. will get this one right...  ;-)


Reasons for Castle Rock "Linear Break"?

Back when it was announced that we would be getting fewer 'Fresh from the US' releases, around the time the much-missed Edge was closed down, one of the justifications given was that the mid-season breaks caused you problems with filling the gaps with repeats or other filler. Personally I would prefer to be as close to international release as possible, but I could at least understand that.


So can I ask why Castle Rock went on a mid-season break (last episode on Dec 24th, will return Jan 14th) when it finished airing overseas in mid-September?


It's disappointing that we are so far behind international release dates with so many series. It's an interconnected world now, but I have to avoid talking about most tv with overseas-based friends as they are usually finished watching long before me. Also have to avoid a lot of entertainment news, after a season finishes there are plenty of summary articles and those talking about series renewals which often contain spoilers, so I find myself avoiding them even though I would be interested to read them. It's a bit sad that those of us who do the right thing and pay our subs get to watch it long after those who get it by other means. And then to top it all you put in your own unnecessary 'linear breaks'. Hope you start rethinking some of the ways you operate in an age with increasing numbers of global, online competitors.