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Showmax Highlights August 2019


Showmax Highlights August 2019

International series


HBO Ballers S5 - New episodes Weekly 

Dwayne Johnson’s Spencer is expected to start the season off with guns blazing as he attempts to settle his score with the NCAA. He wants to see justice served following his brother’s suicide – will he manage to do that? New episodes land every Friday at 21:30 from Monday, 26 August. Planned release date: Monday, 26 August.


Project Blue Book | First on Showmax

College professor Dr J Allen Hynek is recruited by the US Air Force to investigate UFO encounters in the 1950s. Inspired by the real-life top-secret Project Blue Book operation. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.


Sweet Bitter | First on Showmax

Tess moves to New York, eager to experience new things. She lands a job at a top restaurant and has to navigate life in the Big Apple along with the crazy world of the restaurant business. Based on the novel. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.


Siren S2B - First on Showmax 

Ben, Maddie and Ryn are doing everything in their power to keep the group of mermaids who’ve arrived in Bristol Cove safe and hidden. But most of their efforts are thwarted by factors outside of their control. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.


Younger S6 episodes 6-10 - First on Showmax

The cat is out of the bag about Liza’s age and her relationship with Charles, so they all live happily after, right? Not a chance. This season of Younger promises more drama than ever, with twists you never expected. Planned release date: Thursday, 22August.
Kidding S1 | New episodes weekly
Jim Carrey stars as Jeff Piccirillo, better known by his long-time children’s puppet show persona Mr Pickles. Jeff’s whole world starts to fall apart following the death of his oldest son. New episodes land every Friday at 22:30 from Friday, 9 August. Planned release date: Friday, 9 August.
Gangland Undercover S1-2
To avoid a 20-year prison sentence, drug dealer Charles Falco agrees to go undercover to infiltrate dangerous motorbike gangs for three years. The series is based on his 2013 memoir. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.

Six S1

When an ex-SEAL turned private security contractor is kidnapped, his former teammates attempt to rescue him. But they uncover information about him that makes them question their mission. Inspired by actual events. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.


The Royals S4

Prince Robert shouldn’t get too comfy in the King’s seat as Prince Liam and his dethroned uncle, Cyrus, are already plotting his downfall. Meanwhile, Queen Helena is battling to find her place in the new palace. Planned release date: Thursday, 1 August.



International movies


Lean on Pete | First on Showmax

Based on the novel of the same name, this heartbreaking tale follows 15-year-old Charley who lands a job at a local racetrack. He bonds with an ageing racehorse bound for slaughter and goes to extreme lengths to save his life. Planned release date: Thursday, 8 August.


Loving Pablo

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz star in this real-life drama about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s tumultuous love affair with journalist Virginia Vallejo. Based on her memoir Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar. Planned release date: Thursday, 15 August.


Captain Fantastic

In this thought-provoking drama about parenting, Viggo Mortensen plays a father who raises his children in the forest with very little contact with the outside world. But circumstances force the family to reintegrate into society. Planned release date: Thursday, 15 August.



Diane Keaton plays an American widow who falls in love with a British man who lives in the shelter he built on Hampstead Heath. When developers threaten to bulldoze his home, the two decide to fight for his right to the land. Planned release date: Monday, 19 August.


5 Children and It

Five kids are sent to take shelter from World War I in their eccentric uncle’s mysterious mansion, where they meet a sand fairy who has the power to grant wishes. Starring Freddie Highmore. Planned release date: Monday, 19 August.


e Happytime Murders | First on Showmax


In the seedy underbelly of LA, puppets and human beings co-exist. Two detectives, one human, one puppet, are forced to work together to crack a murder investigation. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph. Planned release date: Thursday, 22 August.


Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

Discover the true story of Mark Felt, who, using the pseudonym Deep Throat, fed information to journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Their investigations uncovered the Watergate scandal in 1972. Planned release date: Thursday, 22 August.



A young girl who spends more time partying than working has to leave New York and move back to her hometown. She then has to figure out the connection between herself and a gigantic monster destroying South Korea. Planned release date: Thursday, 29 August.