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Showmax June Highlights


Showmax June Highlights

Big Little Lies S2 | Weekly episodes, same time as M-Net


Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz reprise their roles while Meryl Streep is added in a new season of the award-winning series. The women must face the consequences of Perry’s death.
Planned release date: Monday, 10 June at 21:00


The Handmaid’s Tale S3 | New episodes every week, one episode ahead of M-Net


After the heart-wrenching finale of Season 2 that saw June (Elisabeth Moss) give up the opportunity to escape Gilead, Season 3 is bound to have more shocking twists lined up. This season is said to be all about resistance. Episodes 1 and 2 land on Showmax at the same time as episode 1 on M-Net, with new episodes every Monday thereafter.
Planned release date: Monday, 10 June at 22:30


Patrick Melrose | First on Showmax


Patrick Melrose is a member of 1980s Britain’s upper class, having had a privileged but troubled childhood. Now, his problems extend beyond a growing drug habit. Multiple award winner starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June 


$1 S1 | First on Showmax


The stories of a group of strangers are revealed each time they come into contact with a dollar bill. The individuals are all connected to a shocking multiple murder that took place in a rustbelt town in post-recession America.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Strange Angel | First on Showmax


Set in 1930s LA, the series is based on the bizarre true story of Jack Parsons, the man who pioneered America’s rocketry programme. Delve into his double life dabbling in the occult and performing strange rituals.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Burden of Truth S2 | First on Showmax


Kristin Kreuk reprises her role as tough-as-nails lawyer Joanna Hanley. A year after winning a lawsuit in her hometown, she’s working on a new case for a different law firm. But her client is about to turn her life upside down.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Fortitude S3 | First on Showmax


The third and final season of this thrilling series takes viewers to an even darker space. Sheriff Dan seems to have abandoned his moral compass completely and has found a loyal sidekick in Petra.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


You’ve Been T@gged S3


The mystery continues in Season 3 of this teen thriller about the dark side of social media. Rowan and Elisia don’t trust anybody as they attempt to uncover the identity of KingCobra, but things take an unexpected twist.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Ballers S4


British comedian Russell Brand joins the cast in the fourth season, which sees Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and the gang settling down in LA. Spencer is considering the purchase of an extreme sports channel.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Insecure S3


Issa and Molly find themselves in unexpected situations. Issa on Daniel’s couch, following her break-up with Lawrence, and working to earn and save extra cash; and Molly at a new firm where she’s no longer stands out.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Marvel’s Inhumans S1
The Inhumans are a community of outsiders with superhuman abilities. They live in isolation on Attilan to protect themselves, but their existence is under threat as humans edge closer to discovering them.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S1-4


The law enforcement agency S.H.I.E.L.D is established in the aftermath of the clash between the Avengers and invading aliens. Led by Agent Phil Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D is tasked with getting to the bottom of bizarre events.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Counterpart S2


As the war between the Prime and Alpha worlds rages on, JK Simmons’ two characters (Howard Prime and Howard Alpha) are trapped in each other’s worlds and slowly becoming more and more like their counterpart.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Get Shorty S1-2


A homage to the novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard, the series follows the antics of gangster Miles Daly (Chris O’Dowd) whose attempt at changing professions gets him tangled in a web of filmmakers and crime bosses.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June



International movies

Alice is a CIA agent forced to stay in London as a caseworker after a botched capture of a terrorist. When she’s called upon to prevent an imminent attack her life, as well as that of all Londoners, is at risk.
Planned release date: Monday, 3 June


Che Part 1 & 2
This biographical film by Steven Soderbergh tells the story of revolutionary Che Guevara. The first part, The Argentine, focuses on the Cuban revolution while part two, Guerrilla, explores Che’s attempt to revolutionise Bolivia.
Planned release date: Thursday, 6 June


Oscar winner Jamie Foxx plays a dirty Las Vegas cop whose son is kidnapped by dangerous mobsters. He has to find a way to rescue his son, protect his corrupt dealings and get revenge on the mobsters – all in one long night.
Planned release date: Monday, 10 June


A Family Man
A father’s priorities are called into question when the promise of a promotion has him working longer hours and focusing on his career. He has a hard decision to make when his son’s health takes a turn for the worse.
Planned release date: Thursday, 13 June


Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, this heartwarming drama is about a young boy with a facial deformity who attends school for the first time. Starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.
Planned release date: Thursday, 13 June


Monster Family
In this animated film, a family keeps butting heads. Mom Emma thinks a night out at Halloween will bring them closer, instead they end up being cursed by an evil witch and transformed into monsters.
Planned release date: Thursday, 13 June


The Outcasts
BFFs Mindy and Jody have endured years of ridicule by the mean girl at school. A humiliating prank is the final straw for the girls who hatch a plan to bring the outsiders together to fight back against their bully.
Planned release date: Monday, 17 June


The Commuter
Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga star in this nail-biting action flick. During his daily commute, insurance salesman Michael makes small talk with a mysterious woman who gives him a task to complete before getting off the train.
Planned release date: Thursday, 20 June


Wind River
An FBI agent and wildlife tracker work closely together to investigate the death of a young girl on the Wind River Native American Reservation. Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.
Planned release date: Monday, 24 June


A group of Navy SEALS take on a covert operation to retrieve Nazi gold located at the bottom of a lake in Bosnia. But they’ll have to avoid a group of dangerous, greedy thugs.
Planned release date: Thursday, 27 June


A Mermaid’s Tale
Ryan is forced to move to a sleepy fishing village with her father to live with her grumpy grandfather, Art. Here she makes a new friend, Coral, but learns that she’s no ordinary girl – she’s a mermaid!
Planned release date: Thursday, 27 June