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So many series repeats


Re: So many series repeats

That is exactly how I lost Blue Bloods, the repeat was suddenly shown one episode every night on MCity, no time and space to watch.  And no repeat of season 5 since


Re: So many series repeats

Repeats are not really the issue.  The way that programming is set up across the different packages is.

I can't speak about the premium channels like M-Net but I can see what M-Net City and Fox on Compact is doing.


After nearly a year of nearly nothing Fox has been airing:

Hawaii 5-0 seasons 1-6, 10 x a week (ending mid October)

How I met you mother seasons 1-9 (I'm assuming 9 they look like they doing all episodes),

10 x a week (no end in sight)

CSI Miami 2x week, so far seasons 5-6


This is ridiculous.  Nobody can watch all this & you'll never fit this all onto your Explora, so nobody is benefiting. 


On M-Net City they are putting Bull s2 on the Sunday repeat timeslot where there is 4 or 5 episodes going to be shown.  Bull s2 has not been aired on M-Net City before it should not be on a repeat time slot, it should be on at 7 or 8 pm with no more than 2 episodes been shown a week.  It was the same with Blue Blood s8 it has been shown twice both times 5 x a week.  The first showing should have been once a week.


M-Net City is being treated as a repeat channel to M-Net with the occasional new show being thrown in when they can't fit it on M-Net. It should be treated as a lower tier M-Net. Programs should be aired in a way you can watch a tv show properly & not have to watch half because of insane programming.


Re: So many series repeats

I for one need the repeats since no time to watch first time, or failed / conflicting recordings first time. Lost Blue Bloods since season 5, Shameless since season 5, Longmire season 6 for example. But the noise from the complainers too loud.
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So many series repeats

There are so many series repeats at the moment and I dont mean episodes being repeated, but entire seasons that have been aired months or even years ago.


I'm paying my subs for series already seen a long time ago. Its getting to the point where I will become one of the many cancelling my subscription and moving to streaming services like Netflix