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Station 19 on 115 never aired

Community Manager

Re: Station 19 on 115 never aired

Hi @Fourtuner, please see below feedback from the team:


  • SEAL Team season 2 premiered on M-Net City on Tuesday 26 February at 19:10. This replaced  Station 19 season 1, but we have no date on when it will be scheduled on M-Net City.




Station 19 on 115 never aired

Tuesday 26 February

19:10 Station 19 01 0001 "Stuck" *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*

In the series premiere of this fast-paced Shonda Rhimes instalment, the firefighting team at Station 19 respond to a call, where their Captain takes a hit and the future of the station’s leadership is put in jeopardy.


As shown in the February 2019 highlights, there were ads during the month for the show on 115 and then nothing.  Has Station 19 been axed from 115 schedules completely, or has it been moved forward to another month?


(Yes I know the MCs don't seem to be around at the moment but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.)