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The Handmaid’S Tale


Re: The Handmaid’S Tale

I thought that punishment that Serena had to endure. was just horrible  and the fact that june/offred had to watch 😱😱. Let's hope she will revolt now against him 


On other news. Nick better do something with his new bride soon   otherwise who knows the trouble she can make 




Re: The Handmaid’S Tale

Very much so. Wonder what will happen when Offred has the baby....@Optimist, we'll have to wait and see about that.


Re: The Handmaid’S Tale

It's brilliant. Keeping to the image of everyone being some sort of victim, and nobody not bending the rules despite the dangers of that makes it very personal.


Just hope they'll let her escape before season 9 <roll eyes>

Red Carpet

Re: The Handmaid’S Tale

It is a very fascinating series - well written!


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The Handmaid’S Tale

The twists in this series.... the Commander, rules and laws...but I am still hooked *hides*.

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