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The Indian and Portuguese package getting discontinued


Re: The Indian and Portuguese package getting discontinued?

You were wrong before about this and again haven't given actual evidence. If correct fine, but we're only interested in info from seniors at MultiChoice.


Here's what I posted elsewhere;


@Optimist wrote:

I've now heard from a supervisor. This is more likely to be true, but @ltshizane_DStv1  or @Grace_DStv1  or another Mod, please can you try to confirm.


The Portuguese Package is NOT being discontinued.

What they're apparently doing is stopping the option to add it on to one of the other packages, IOW it can only be subscribed to now by paying its full price.

This also applies to the Indian Package.

This takes effect from sometime in October.

There was no info given about how this may affect those who already have one of these packages as an add-on.

There was some uncertainty about the details, which is why I'm asking for confirmation.


As to why this hasn't been announced in MC's news section - it looks like that's become a gossip section only...

BTW, MC has started announcing things in that news section again but I haven't seen anything there about this subject myself.


I have nothing further to add.

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The Indian and Portuguese package getting discontinued

According to DStv, not only are viewers losing the select package but also the Portuguese and Indian package. I asked TVWithThinus and he confirmed that's what MultiChoice told the public. If you want to watch Zee TV, StarPlus and Colors and all those other Indian channels you need either DStv Premium, Compact+ and Compact. People were even receiving SMS about the discontinuation with the Portuguese package I'm not really surprised there hasn't been much entertainment/value on that package compared to the Indian package.