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There's a "M-Net minus one" channel

Red Carpet

There's a "M-Net minus one" channel

Yep... at least one series is broadcast an hour before the normal 101 M-Net does so.


It's the premieres of the sci-fi series The Orville on Monday nights.

On 101 @ 17:00

On 901 @ 18:00

Aaand... I've spotted that it's on M-Net Terrestrial (902) @ 16:00Big Grin.jpgStick Out Toungue.jpg


I don't know if any other series has a situation like this. It's been done due to regular soapies etc. that are shown uniquely on the terrestrial alternative.


Anyway... besides it being interesting, I think it should mean that at least this series should be released on CU+ an hour earlier (when CU+ updating is working again).


Well, some DStv subscribers may still have 902 as an alternative, separate channel in their households, so it is then offered an hour early on the DStv Premium package itself.


Even if wrong, M-Net S.A. is still M-Net S.A. no matter how you get it.


(Note that in the above circumstances 902 replaces 101. This choice was an old one, it can no longer be requested new.)