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VUZU - Rebranded.


Re: VUZU - Rebranded.

I do like the new look 

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Re: VUZU - Rebranded.

So basically they are now becoming a mix of the old M-Net City & Vuzu Amp now that M-Net City is becoming an overflow channel due to the loss of M-Net Edge. All very logical and easy to understand/follow - no confusion amongst subscribers.... Smiley Tongue


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Re: VUZU - Rebranded.

Yet another M-Group rebrand, yet more confusion created, expected further integration & other practicalities failure on the horizon... followed by more rebrands / channel cancellations / hidden programming / etc.

And yet another hoo-hah announcement about nothing...




VUZU - Rebranded.

As M-Net repositions the youth channel on DStv towards family-oriented programming, it rebrands VUZU with a new black disk logo for a more sophisticated look.

As M-Net repositions its youth channel towards family-oriented programming, VUZU (DStv 116) on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform got a rebranded on-air look that rolled out this past Friday.

The new black disk logo with white lettering completely does away with the skewed "V", together with a more elegant looking and sophisticated black title boards used for upcoming programming promos and ad break interstitials. 

Wicked Pixels is responsible for the idea and came up with the design after M-Net asked for the VUZU identity refresh.

Asked why M-Net decided to change the VUZU logo and look, Ryan van Heerden, M-Net's PR manager for local entertainment channels, says "VUZU underwent a content revamp in 2018, now with a more family-orientated feel in its programming.You'll notice more family sitcoms alongside local reality shows like My Kitchen Rules and Wedding Bashes airing on channel 116 now."

Lowena Waries, M-Net's marketing manager for youth and music channels says "the new channel imaging reflects VUZU's new positioning, which speaks to a broader audience base. This new imaging will connect the brand with the targeted audience.The aim was to create a beautiful, sophisticated, aspirational brand".

When M-Net rebranded VUZU AMP, the higher-tiered version of VUZU as 1Magic (DSTV 103) at the beginning of the year, M-Net said it will look whether VUZU will remain as a brand. M-Net then said "for now VUZU on 116 will remain as a channel as we will communicate should there be any changes to that channel".

The latest VUZU rebrand indicates that M-Net remains serious about retaining the channel and the name identity and doesn't have plans to shut it down. 

Asked again over the weekend what the future currently is of VUZU and if M-Net feels strongly about the channel and the name and investment in the channel as something important, Ryan van Heerden says "VUZU remains a valued M-Net property".
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