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Showmax - backwards billing system


Showmax - backwards billing system

Someone in my circle who doesn't have Premium decided to use the SM (Showmax) free trial option long ago.


At the end he had the nuisance of needing to get the third party involved to then turn it off.

This was done successfully - there's a reference number for the "cancellation" action, and a quick test then showed it didn't work anymore.


Months later...

He happened to visit SM, and noticed that there were many months of billing records, sent to the third party.

The third party has never billed him for any of this, nor should they and legally they can't. At no stage was permission granted to restart the service.


So, he decided to take advantage of their foolishness, not his problem if they're so incompetent - ever since he's used SM.


I wonder how many have discovered and used this.

Good luck if SM think they can even ever prove that all in a household with access info will have had knowledge that the service had been cancelled.


Should we report things like this?

The guy would rather they wake up and maybe learn something re creating a first-world level of service.