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English Premier League 2018/2019


English Premier League 2018/2019

Greetings fellow football supporters and those following manchester united. The new season is just about upon us and I for one am looking forward to it. Maybe come the end of the season I may wish it had never started but for now I'm mildly optimistic for my side Liverpool. Made some decent signings during the transfer window now to see how well they can perform in the League.

mourinho already been complaining about lack of players and poor attitudes? of some of them. I think that's what he was reported as saying. Nothing like getting the excuses in early.

Spurs seem to be sleeping because, at the moment, I don't recall seeing anything about them signing any players. Suppose they may think their squad from last year is good enough. Or maybe Kane is going to claim the league for them?

City been doing some business and signed a player or two, don't recall their names but Chelsea seem to be having a problem or two. Couple of their players possibly moving on. Hazard being one of them.

Fulham and West Ham seem to be improving their squads quite considerably and could be the dark horses for a top four place. Especially if one or two of the abovementioned sides go into decline because of a poor transfer window.

On another subject.

I have set up a SUPERBRU English Predictor League and an English Fantasy Football League. In both instances the name of the Group is DSTV Forumites with the Prediction League having Pathelal as the code name and Wadequiz as the code name for the Fantasy League. Please feel free to join either, or preferably, both of these competitions. No prizes and all for fun with a bit of banter should you feel like it.