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FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

Yes, he normally goes back to the UK but not too sure it's at this time of the year. Know when he goes he does try to get and watch a game or two where his club Arsenal are involved. Hopefully, if he's in the UK, he managed to watch the Arsenal - Liverpool game. Smiley Very Happy


Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

Sure BB.


Sandtonman is often in the UK, and usually is over the festive season.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

@Optimist - thanks for the advice and have done as suggested. Ta. 
Thought you and Sandtonman were quite good friends but no problem. Was just a bit of a leg pull from my side. 


Thanks again for the advice. 


Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!



1. VERY IMPORTANT - Edit your post please, MC are obliged by contract to investigate and prosecute any suspected illegal activity or such discussions which are considered to encourage others, and have done so before!!


2. This wasn't my discovery, thank Krugie for his post #1.


3. Not in touch with Sandtonman.


Have a good New Year, and to all others as well :-)

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

@Optimist. Firstly thanks for this information regarding Supersport now going to be showing the FA Cup games. I was aware of this but thanks anyway. I think they must have been inundated with queries and uncomplimentary messages across all communication lines which made them change their minds. Lots of people on Twitter gave them grief about their not showing the games. Think pretty much the same would have happened on Facebook?

I AM pleased that Supersport has had a change of heart and will be screening the games over their sports channels. Thank you Supersport for bowing to the extreme pressure that you must have been under and bringing us the FA Cup matches.

Oh, Optimist, if you should be in contact with Sandtonman please tell him I'm sorry. Well not really but 5-1 was a bit of a hammering. ha ha. 

@Toto Good to have you back. Although not too sure for how long? united have done well during the past week or two but that has been against weak opposition. Opposition, which even the commentators said, jose would have picked up victories against. I haven't watched much of united's last few games with ole in charge but from what I've heard they have been playing a more attacking brand of football. To me, although results DO count, it's more about the entertainment value of the way any side is playing. united, under mourinho weren't playing attractive to watch football and I can understand his being fired when he was. Judgement on ole is reserved for the moment. Must say I was very surprised to hear him being named as your manager as his pedigree as a manager isn't really great. Let's see what happens over the next couple of games and when united come up against some better quality opposition. 

But please don't be a stranger here. Always good to have some banter.  Anyone know what happened to Flynn?


Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

Fantastic news! Actually i queried this with of SS heads of programming a couple of days ago. I was still waiting for the reply. Thank You for nudging me @Optimist@Beetle I'll be back soon now that United are going back to the old glorious days of entertaining football...Smiley Very Happy 


Thanks @krugie for the heads-up


Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

anything to try and win back the "alternative" viewers Smiley Happy Might be a little too late....

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Re: FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

@Beetle  will be very happy, but I don't think there's anyone else from that bunch still here...  :-/

Of those I know are left, @Toto  hasn't been here for months and Keith isn't interested in the "new" forum itself.

Red Carpet

FA Cup returning to SS in Jan!

I suspect this will make some people happy!


In sudden about-turn, MultiChoice, SuperSport reacquire the rights to the FA Cup for sub-Saharan Africa for the remainder of the 2018/2019 season.




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