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Motor Sport

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Re: Motor Sport

I agree. More and more cost Less and less value!

Red Carpet

Re: Motor Sport

@henshawd wrote:

 If the free TV as they call it was any good I would ditch my decoder in an instant.

I understand your frustration but there is a reason free TV is "free". Man LOL  I guess you get what you "pay" for.


Broadcasters tend to focus on what they do have the rights for as opposed to what they don't have or  have lost - we saw that with the big saga recently around certain football leagues. I guess it's just bad for business to do otherwise but I do believe it is not too much to ask when they used to broadcast something and will no longer be doing so to let the followers  know!


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Motor Sport

Why oh why are we not having Nascar this year our monthly premiums go up and up but we are getting less content. I don't watch motor bikes and the programmes on now about Big Foot and the other huge vehicles is pure junk. Why are we always in the dark about decisions that affect our viewing pleasure. If you want football or rugby there are so many chanels catering to those sports so why on earth can't we have Nascar and Indy car racing. What else are you going to deny us this year. If the free TV as they call it was any good I would ditch my decoder in an instant.