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Rugby on SuperSport

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Rugby on SuperSport

Saturday 16 June

09:25  SS1  New Zealand vs France 2nd Test

11:55  SS1  Australia vs Ireland 2nd Test

16:00  SS1  South Africa vs Bloemfontein 2nd Test (17:05)

21:30  SS1  Argentina vs Wales 2nd Test


Sunday 17 June

10:25  SS1 / SS10  Club: Black Eagles vs Ntlaza Lions

12:30  SS1 / SS10  SRC: Sharks vs Griquas (13:00)

14:55  SS1 / SS10  SRC: Border vs EP

10:50  SS5  U20: 11th Place - Ireland vs Japan

13:50  SS5  U20: 5th - Argentina vs Australia

16:20  SS5  U20: 3rd - South Africa vs New Zealand

18:50  SS5  U20: Final - England vs France

13:20  SS7  U20: 9th - Scotland vs Georgia

15:50  SS7  U20: 7th - Wales vs Italy


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Rugby on SuperSport

Also newly added on Saturday 9 June: Women's Sevens Quarterfinals and Semi Finals from 14:58 - 17:14 and 20:30 - 22:45 Smiley Happy

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Rugby on SuperSport

Thursday 7 June

18:20  SS1  U20: Ireland v Georgia

20:50  SS1  U20: South Africa v France

18:20  SS5  U20: Wales v Japan

20:50  SS5  U20: New Zealand v Australia

18:20  SS7  U20: Italy v Argentina

20:50  SS7  U20: England v Scotland


Saturday 9 June

09:25  SS1  Test: New Zealand v France

11:55  SS1  Test: Australia v Ireland

16:00  SS1  Test: South Africa vs England (k/o 17:05)

21:30  SS1  Test: Argentina v Wales

12:10  SS10 School: Rondebosch v Bishops

12:00  SS-Play Club: Young Hamiltons v Worcester Villagers (live stream on DSTVnow)

14:00  SS10 SRC: Boland v Western Province


Saturday 9 June - Sevens - SS2

08:50 - 20:30 Incl. RSA:

10:04  SS2  South Africa v Scotland

13:00  SS2  South Africa v Russia

18:28  SS2  South Africa v Canada


Sunday 10 June - Sevens - SS1

08:35 - 19:20 (Includes Women)

10:11  SS1  Cup Quarter Finals

14:01  SS1  Cup Semi Finals

14:52  SS1  13th Place Final

15:17  SS1  Challenge Trophy Final

16:05  SS1  Women Finals

18:00  SS1  5th Place Final

18:27  SS1  Bronze Final

18:49  SS1  Cup Final


Tuesday 12 June (SS1 and SS2 might swap - dependent on where RSA will play)

13:50  SS1  U20: 5th Place SF1

16:20  SS1  U20: 5th Place SF2

18:50  SS1  U20: Semi Final 1

15:50  SS2  U20: 9th Place SF1

18:20  SS2  U20: 9th Place SF2

20:50  SS2  U20: Semi Final 2


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Rugby on SuperSport 30 May - 7 June

Wedednesday 30 May 

18:20  SS1  WR U20: South Africa vs Georgia

20:50  SS1  WR U20: France vs Ireland

18:20  SS2  WR U20: England vs Argentina

20:50  SS2  WR U20: New Zealand vs Japan

18:20  SS5  WR U20: Scotland vs Italy

20:50  SS5  WR U20: Australia vs Wales


Friday 1 June

09:30  SS1  VSR: Highlanders vs Hurrcianes


Saturday 2 June

07:10  SS1  VSR: Blues vs Rebels

09:30  SS1  VSR: Chiefs vs Crusaders

11:40  SS1  VSR: Reds vs Warathas

12:15 SS10 Club: S/Stars A vs Groot-Brakrivier A (k/o 12:30)

14:30 SS1 / SS10 SRC: SWD Eagles vs EP Elephants (k/o 14:45)

20:40  SS5  Top 14 Final: Montpellier vs Casters Olympique

22:00  SS1  Wales vs South Africa (k/o 23:07)

10:30 - 19:45 SS5 London Sevens including:

10:50  SS5  South Africa vs Russia

13:56  SS5  South Africa vs Canada

17:02  SS5  South Africa vs Samoa


Sunday 3 June

08:00  SS1  VSR: Brumbies vs Sunwolves

16:20  SS5  WR U20: South Africa vs Ireland

16:20  SS7  WR U20: New Zealand vs Wales

19:35  SS1  WR U20: South Africa vs Ireland (repeat)

21:20  SS1  WR U20: Scotland vs Argentina (k/o 14:00 - delayed)

23:05  SS1  WR U20: England vs Italy (k/o 16:30 - delayed)

00:50  SS1  WR U20: France vs Georgia (k/o 14:00 - delayed/Mon)

02:35  SS1  WR U20: Australia vs Japan (k/o 14:30 - delayed/Mon)

10:15 - 19:35 SS1  London Sevens incl.

10:30  SS1  Quarter Finals

13:34  SS1  Semi Finals

17:05  SS1  Finals


Thursday 7 June

18:20  SS1  WR U20: Ireland vs Georgia

20:55  SS1  WR U20: South Africa vs France

18:20  SS5  WR U20: Wales vs Japan

20:55  SS5  WR U20: New Zealand vs Australia

18:20  SS7  WR U20: Italy vs Argentina

20:55  SS7  WR U20: England vs Scotland


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Rugby on SuperSport 25 - 27 May

Friday 25 May

09:30  SS1  VSR: Crusaders v Hurricanes

11:40  SS1  VSR: Rebels v Sunwolves

21:35  SS1  VSR: Jaguares v Sharks

20:55  SS6  Top14: SF1 - Montpellier v Lyon


Saturday 26 May

09:30  SS1  VSR: Chiefs v Waratahs

11:40  SS1  VSR: Reds v Highlanders

14:00  SS1  VSR: Bulls v Brumbies (k/o 15:05)

17:05  SS1  VSR: Stormers v Lions (k/o 17:15)

12:10  SS5  SRC: Bulls v Pumas

15:50  SS5  Aviva Premiership: Final - Exeter Chiefs v Saracens

18:30  SS5  Pro14: Final - Leinster Rugby v Scarlets (k/o 19:00)

16:40  SS11 Top14: SF2 - Racing 92 v Castres Olympique

12:10  SS10 Schools: Oakdale Landbou v Outeniqua

13:55  SS10 Schools: Glenwood v Durban High School


Sunday 27 May

15:50  SS1  England v Barbarians

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Rugby on SuperSport 18 - 20 May

Friday 18 May

09:30  SS1  VSR: Hurricanes v Reds

20:40  SS1  Pro14: SF - Glasgow v Scarlets

20:55  SS1  Top14: Play-off - Toulon v Lyon


Saturday 19 May

07:10  SS1  VSR: Sunwolves v Stormers

09:30  SS1  VSR: Blues v Crusaders

11:40  SS1  VSR: Waratahs v Highlanders

14:00  SS1  VSR: Sharks v Chiefs (k/o 15:05)

17:10  SS1  VSR: Lions v Brumbies

19:30  SS1  Top14: Play-off - Toulouse v Castres Olympique (k/o 16:15)

23:35  SS1  VSR: Jaguares v Bulls

13:25  SS5  Aviva: SF - Saracens v Wasps

16:25  SS5  Aviva: SF - Exeter v Newcastle

12:10  SS10 School: Paul Roos v Paarl Boys High

13:55  SS10 School: Affies v Grey College

16:10  SS11 Pro14: SF - Leinster v Munster


Sunday 20 May

10:25  SS1 / SS10 Club: Oudtshoorn v Willing Hearts

12:30  SS1 / SS10 SRC: Bulls v Lions (k/o 13:00)

14:55  SS1 / SS10 SRC: SWD v WP

16:00  SS8    Pro14: Champions Cup play-off - Ulster v Ospreys

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Re: Rugby on SuperSport 11 - 14 May

Oh my word!  Thanks Krugie.  Didn't realise.  I've been posting happily (although with a bit of difficulty)...

Okay, here goes!


Rugby this weekend on SuperSport:

Fri. 11 May

09:30  SS1  VSR: Blues v Hurricanes

20:50  SS5 / SS8  EPCR-Challenge Cup Final: Cardiff Blues v Gloucester


Sat. 12 May

05:00  SS1  VSR: Sunwolves v Reds

07:10  SS1  VSR: Crusaders v Waratahs

09:30  SS1  VSR: Highlanders v Lions

11:40  SS1  VSR: Brumbies v Rebels

14:00  SS1  VSR: Stormers v Chiefs (k/o 15:05)

17:05  SS1  VSR: Bulls v Sharks

17:40  SS6  EPCR-Champions Cup Final: Leinster v Racing 92

12:10  SS10 Schools: Dale College v Queens College

13:55 SS5   Schools: Monnas v Waterkloof


Sun. 13 May

10:15  SS1/SS10 Gold Cup Qualifier: Newrak Impala v Centurion

12:30  SS1/SS10 SRC: Griquas v Free State (k/o 13:00)

14:55  SS1/SS10 SRC: Leopards v Sharks

23:50  SS5  Women's Sevens from Langford, Canada

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Re: Rugby on SuperSport 11 - 14 May


Rugby 11 - 14 May.PNG

@Liane - we can't see images when posted on here - only plain text. You will note that your image just appears as a triangle. This is because the problem with uploading images has still not been resolved after being reported on day ONE already. It seems only people with moderstor status can upload which doesn't help much. You will need to TYPE out your posts until this issue is fixed in order for us to see them.


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Rugby on SuperSport 11 - 14 May

Rugby 11 - 14 May.PNG

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Re: Rugby on SuperSport

Rugby this weekend.png