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Supersport 9 changes

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Supersport 9 changes

@Revorushin SuperSport 9 will mainly carry Serie A. However, it isn’t an exclusive European football channel.

Other live content including Rest of Africa league football, athletics, swimming, marathons and our regular WWE repeats will also feature on this channel when it doesn’t clash with LIVE Serie A.


Supersport 9 changes

To accommodate the return of Serie A, Supersport 9 will become a fully European football channel from next week, for South African viewers. I dont mind the changes but that is now another variety sports channel become football exclusive, after Supersport 7 returns to being la Liga exclusive from the start of the season. 

Viewers in the rest of the continent will still receive the African sports that are currently shown on the channel on their feed of Supersport 9. 

Will the African sports still be available for South African viewers once the changes are made or will it fall away completely?