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Supersport Active App - STILL no progress ?


Supersport Active App - STILL no progress ?

Several months ago we pointed out - not for the first time - the serious flaws with the Supersport Active app on the Explora - one of the main ones being that Action Attractions/Today is of no use as all attractions shows are generally already in the past. Today, for example, it starts with attractions at 22H00 on 17 May (NOT today!) and ends with attractions at 09H00 today (7 hours ago!).


At the time the issues were acknowledged and we were assured they were being fixed. I suggested some interim solutions and were told the change will not take long so no interim solutions are required. It is now MANY months later and nothing has been done or changed at all?


And then the CEO says MC is losing subscribers because of unfair regulations? No MC, you are losing subscribers because you don't listen to them. Your hardware and software are lagging behind the rest of the world. You don't give subscribers working products although you expect them to pay premium subscriptions. You leave them hanging in the air when YOUR bug-ridden software prevents them from using your products such as DSTV NOW. You bump people with valuable feedback off to a community where you have close to zero presence. THESE are the reasons you are losing subscribers. You are out of touch with your subscribers and what they want/need. And/or you simply don't care because you are so used to being the only option people have which, SURPRISE!, is no longer true!


Octo-LNB to 2 x 5.2 switches. Explora1 (Prim) & HDPVR 2P (Sec), Samsung 55" UA55F8500 Smart 3D LED TV, HDMI picture & audio via Onkyo TX-NR626
receiver. Explora2 in bedroom, HDMI picture & audio to Samsung 32" UA32F5500 Smart LED TV. 100Mbps M-Web fibre (OpenServe).