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The Greatest Royal Rumble


Re: The Greatest Royal Rumble

And here I thought I'm going crazy. Had the recording set and eveything was gone/deleted from epg etc. regarding the greatest royal rumble. I feel DSTV could at least inform us regarding the situation.


Re: The Greatest Royal Rumble

Oi bummer!  Thx for the answer but I really dont buy the "just assumed" line. There is obviously more behind this, but sadly doesnt change the fact that we will not see it. Was sooo excited....


Re: The Greatest Royal Rumble

Glad someone else posted this before me. 


For those of you that dont follow WWE, this is what happened:

Supersport themselves advertised The Greatest Royal Rumble multiple times on air leading up to the event on the 27th of April. 


Supersport did so just assuming that the event formed part of the WWE rights package that they hold.


Sometime this week Supersport were informed that because the Greatest Royal Rumble was specifically commissioned by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it doesnt form part of Supersports rights package for WWE Pay Per View events and that Supersport should acquire these rights separately. Supersport chose to not even attempt to acquire the rights and silently removed any reference of the event from the EPG and social media. They have not made a general post on the fact that viewers that saw it on the EPG and planned to watch it wont be able to do so. They have only responded to specific queries. 


In Supersport's defence, I can understand why they assumed the show forms part of their rights package. The show is being broadcast by WWE partners around the world including Sky Sports in the UK. Also, last year Supersport's rights package consisted of 16 WWE pay per views while this year it will only be 12 so Supersport probably just assumed this event would be given to make up for the loss of events  


The Greatest Royal Rumble

Whay happened to WWE's The Greatest Royal Rumble that was scheduled for 18:00 tomorrow on SS8?  Dissappeared off the EPG completely Woman Sad