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Will the Rugby World Cup be in 4K?


Re: Will the Rugby World Cup be in 4K?

Yes, I meant via streaming. That's how we were able to view the Soccer World Cup in 4K i.e. via a dedicated 4K streaming channel.

Red Carpet

Re: Will the Rugby World Cup be in 4K?

No existing decoders are 4K capable as far as I know but I could be wrong. They will likely therefore only be able to offer 4K via streaming and DSTV Now (if at all).


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Will the Rugby World Cup be in 4K?

All the 4k hype post the Soccer World Cup has died. Will we get the Rugby World Cup in 4K?


I see that a 4K feed is available from the host broadcaster in Tokyo Japan. Will SuperSport / DSTV take advantage of this?


"An enhanced offering for 2019 will give Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) a wider selection of feeds and content, including 4K, increased use of cable camera coverage (34 out of 48 matches), a Media Server, Augmented Reality (AR) graphics, plus a dedicated social media content package, including short-form video clips, 360° video and infographics.”