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World cricket


Re: World cricket

Thanks for trying @Beetle


Since we've got the thread now, there's two things that have been on my mind for months MC;


1. Too many times, some local commentators are now still talking during a bowling delivery. (Others still know better and suspend their comment.)


2. There isn't enough displaying of the completed-overs info, these days it's too often replaced with ahead or behind runs info. I know that they superimpose the overs info on the field sometimes, but it's not done enough to make up for the loss of info which helps us keep a concept of required run rate, etc., in mind. Especially needed more in the shorter versions of the games.


Anyone else have comments about these issues?

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Re: World cricket

Firstly I have nothing to add to the discussion as to what colour or ball one should be using in a cricket match. As to which is the better of the two I'd imagine those that grew up with the Kookabara will say that's the best while others will opt for the York. I really don't know which is the better of the two. As to whether a wet York or Kookabara ball is better, or worse, I really don't know. 

Regarding Flynn. I did try to get him to join the Superbru competition of ours but that was a long time ago. I'll look to see if I can find some way of tracing him and if successful will ask him to contribute here. But don't hold your breath while waiting. See my friend Citanul, Hi Citanul, has replied already and he's one of the more knowledgeable cricket authorities on here. Not that that's saying all that much.  


EDIT: Sorry, tried to find contact details for Flynn but wasn't successful. If anyone has contact details could they, if they want to, kindly forward it to me and I'll try to contact him. Thanks. 


Re: World cricket

Thought Geoff started a new thread here. Maybe not, he doesn't always have SS type access.

EDIT: Only saw Geoff's post now.


I didn't see all of the discussion, but yes, much was focused on Duke vs Kookaburra - Kookaburra is more consistent with wear but Duke has a better grip and gives preferred performance.

Colours - red as we know can be hard to see when dark, white gets too dirty looking, orange leave a comet like streak in the batsmen's view, yellow is the colour of grass at times (preferred with the Hong Kong sixes type games).


We were told by Sean that it's a matter of hosting country's choice, apparently the same as is done and accepted with a variety of other sports such as tennis and golf.


Hopefully they'll put this on again, maybe on CU with the highlights. I think it really needs to happen.

If it does,  presume that unfortunately some bowlers will suffer whatever the results? Isn't it just a matter of adjustment training?


Maybe @Beetle  or @Toto  know how to contact Flynn, he might have missed the forum migration details and there's no links last we knew.

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Re: World cricket

The discussion was triggered because of the wet ball incident earlier. The ball rolled to the boundary, bounced off the boundary barrier and landed in a pool of water trapped in the covers. getting soaking wet. The Umpires and the fielding team then agreed the ball should be replaced. which was then done. Almost immediately the SA bowlers started getting better results.

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Re: World cricket

I don't think the cricket thread was deleted - it was just never restarted here.  Flynn was the main contributor to the old thread and I don't think he ever joined the new forum, and nobody else has created one.


I didn't see the discussion, so I can't comment on the different types of balls.  But what I've gathered from hearing about them in the past is that there's a marked difference between the Duke and Kookaburra balls and there are some bowlers who are significantly better with one rather than the other.  Which I suppose raises the question as to whether there should be the two different types of balls, but is it something that's possible to regulate?


World cricket

What on Earth happened to the old cricket thread, did someone delete it??



Did anyone else see the lunchtime (Sri Lanka vs S.A. match) discussion about the modern choice of balls to use?


IMO, same as the participating presenters, the pink Duke with the green seam (looked brown to me) makes the most sense, but I'm not sure if they've improved seam wear with that?

I didn't know much detail before but have thought pink works best for years now. Apparently the mass twitter reaction was similar.