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Beware free dish offers


Re: Beware free dish offers

Decided to take photos of this melted LNB now.

The first photo shows a later discovery - the plastic tube that the coaxial cable is fed through is also partially melted!

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Beware free dish offers

I'm not suggesting all offers that include a free dish are bad, but what I discovered yesterday says there's certainly a lack of a moral compass involved with some of them. What a surprise in this country... :-(


It's many years now since I got my free 80cm dish and single LNB from the company which was then called Top TV.

After a short trial I chose to cancel, and a couple of years later stopped using this second and younger dish for any other interests as well.


I wish I could name and shame the manufacturer of the LNB, but the info printed on it is now too faded to read.

Anyway, after ages of not looking at this dish I decided to examine it yesterday, and discovered that its LNB's front plastic cap seemed to be missing... so I looked all over on the roof's flat floor for it, but nothing.

Then I noticed what looked like a bit of shriveled-up plastic on the edges of the LNB's nose, and closer inspection revealed that the whole perimeter of the nose still had thin traces of the plastic cap, most of it had just melted in the hot sun!!


Sorry, don't have the time for a photo, little to see anyway except that one gets to look straight into and down the LNB's feedhorn.


As for the dish itself - it looks good enough quality, but one has to wonder about a company that plasters the following on it in large letters; "HD compatible".

(HD uses more bandwidth, so weaker signals in poor installations may then reveal any noticeable disruption more easily but it's not a true factor of dish size needs.)

The dish is made by "Maxi Satellite".