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DTT inconsistencies with AR


Re: DTT inconsistencies with AR

The AR of the feed for the digital terrestrial M-Net channel was also corrected on satellite yesterday.

Who knows if this was already planned or not, but the amount of time it has taken since launch / analogue shutdown seems strange.

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DTT inconsistencies with AR

The satellite feeds for the DTT (terrestrial-based) M-Net and CSN channels have been in odd condition all along re their aspect ratios. For some reason MC have seen fit to broadcast them vertically squashed compared to other channels in their various services - IOW to view them on a standard flat panel HD TV, one needs to use the unconventional Letterbox setting instead of the standard Pillarbox setting.

However, yesterday for some reason the CSN channel (chiefly used for some SuperSport feeds) was corrected to now work on Pillarbox. Let's hope the setting lasts, but it's still confusing for users as they now have two different formats to contend with... :-/

It is possible that adjustments are made at the terrestrial transmitters themselves, I wouldn't know, but certainly those receiving the service directly via satellite instead will be suffering these confusions.


BTW, the squashed format doesn't have any practical purpose, if anything it's worse for those with old 4:3 CRT TV's as they can't make any adjustment that works for them.