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Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

Red Carpet

Re: Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

What make and model TV?

What older HD PVR?

Part of the "upgrade" of newer decoders is to make the newer decoders only just capable of meeting specs, with no "fat", which normally means cutting back on power capability which means lower signal levels, which translates into poor distance reach between decoders and TVs. 

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Re: Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

Sure, and thanks for the further info. Since I'm here, my best guesses;


520p is not a familiar setting, very likely that you've mis-remembered 720p.


I mostly now suspect that either the cable is too long for what the Explora is expecting re quality of signal, or a faulty Explora.

Try testing the TV next to the Explora with a short HDMI cable.


The TV itself is another suspect - some units struggle with HDMI and MC are always fiddling with "enhancing" security on newer decoder models, so try other HDMI ports if available. You can also check if the manufacturers offer a firmware update for it.



Shout if you need XV (XtraView) help for this, but you may have to wait until the new year.

New poster

Re: Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

Thanks for the reply. The decoder is not in use. No splitter. All I am attempting to do is move the TV further away from the decoder using a very long HDMI cable. As I say it works using my old HD PVR and setting the output to 520p but doesn't work from the Explorer. 


Re: Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

Hi, not enough tech info but let's see what can be worked out.


We'll need to know if this is an Explora already in use - if so you may be trying to use a passive HDMI splitter which doesn't work in my experience, find an active one from somewhere like hdcabling.co.za

But... 30m is a bit long for this new route, so you may need to consult one of the salespeople re related recommendations.


There's also other methods of HDMI distribution, more info will depend on who's available this time of year and their interest (this forum isn't doing well thanks to MC's lack of commitment).


That's it from me, all the best.

New poster

Long HDMI cable from decoder to TV

Hi. I have a curious problem. I need to have a TV temporarily in a room for a bedridden patient. When I try to use a 30m HMDI cable from my HD Explora 2A, I get no signal on the TV. If I run the same cable for an older HD PVR with the output set at 520p I get signal on the TV. Same cable, same TV different decoder. Any advuce on how to get the Expolra to work?