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Manual recordings are not working

Red Carpet

Re: Manual recordings are not working

I don't have an Explora, BUT I can confirm that somethimg was going on over the weekend that seriously messed with my decoder ( only one working at the moment).

Somewhere along the line, I lost access to the SABC HD channels, and e-tv etc.  Only a few out of 7 or 8 MRs worked and those recorded the SD versions of the channels.  Then whatever affected the transmissions came right and then the settings for those programs that I wanted to record did not record. Checking on the settings, they were in the schedule BUT were all set to record the SD version, and hence did not start.

So next time you see this check the schedule thoroughly, especially confirm the the settings are correct. If you try and edit the setting you will find the channel is blank and you will have to reset that channel. However, the recording will still fail.  The best is to completely delete all the schedules and reset them for any channels that are on the quasi hi-band transponders. I have a screenshot to show that a so called HD channel setting recorded the SD version. I unfortunately did not get a screenshot showing what was in the schedule.

I will post the screenshot at some time if I get around to it.



Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM
Red Carpet

Re: Manual recordings are not working

I only have one MR - also on an Explora 1 and on SABC2 on a Sunday - and it worked fine this past Sunday.


Octo-LNB to 24-1z/5.2 switches. Explora1 (Prim) & HDPVR 2P (Sec), Samsung 55" UA55F8500 Smart 3D LED TV, HDMI picture & audio via Onkyo TX-NR626
receiver. Explora 2 in bedroom, HDMI picture & audio to Samsung 32" UA32F5500 Smart LED TV. 100Mbps M-Web fibre (OpenServe).

Re: Manual recordings are not working

@Fourtuner wrote:

I may be wrong but I'm certain this is to do with a patch as the manual seasons had been working fine till this month.

Do you have the Explora 1 or 2A?

In my case, our Explora 1's recurring MR's are still performing ok.


Manual recordings are not working

I only have 2 manual recordings at the moment, the 1st one Chicago PD on Etv I don't use regularly as I only use it to re-record episodes that got messed up from MNET City. But the 2nd one I'm using to record a documentary off SABC 3 every Sunday.


I noticed last week Sunday (the 9th) that my manual season setups were not on the schedule even though they are still in the season manager.  I reset them and they reappeared. I didn't record Chicago PD this week and I'm certain though the week the documentary was there on the schedules. But either Saturday or Sunday the manual recording for the doccie disappeared off the schedules again but was still in the schedule manager.  I'm lucky somebody was watching TV at the time and noticed that program hadn't started recording and started it off from the controller.


I may be wrong but I'm certain this is to do with a patch as the manual seasons had been working fine till this month.  I really wish DSTV stops messing with stuff that is working and test their patches before releasing.