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Old decoder recordings

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Re: Old decoder recordings

Apologies  I think my reply went as a new post  

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Re: Old decoder recordings

Thanks Luke. I wasn't looking at those as alternatives but rather #1 short term and #2 longer term  {I have no immediate need for Xtraview  but when terrestrial TV eventually stumbles its way from analogue to digital and if a set top box is needed, I might give Xtraview to my housekeeper. She currently gets analogue SABC and eTV. ) And I think my PVR sub covers Xtraview as well?


But I think your answers to both 1 are 2 are "yes"?


I have a Smart LNB with a unicable BTW. 


Re: Old decoder recordings

Don't think you can access recording without the decoder being active.. as in a paid-for subscription, but I could be wrong. 


Option 2 would be the better one, for a small fee obviously. Setting the Explora as primary and 2P as secondary,  thereby gaining a viewing/recording environment and retaining all your old recordings. Maybe start viewing those... the 2P will not last forever Smiley Very Happy


You might need to look at LNB, etc, etc  , but I'll leave those to the tech experts around here Smiley Happy

SLNB LMX501| Explora 2A (Primary 4,5,6) Explora 2A (Secondary 0,1,2) | Xtraview - decoders same room | 3 distributed HDMI endpoints via 2x4 Matrix
and Cat6 | 200/100 Fibre (OpenServe/Afrihost Premium UnCapped) | HD 5S in holiday mode
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Old decoder recordings

After all the prompting and pushing over the years I am probably going to break down and buy the Explora 2.  I still have have a lot of unwatched recordings on my current PVR 2p.   After installing the Explora . . . .

1.  If I connect the PVR to another TV (without Xtraview), presumably I can still access the PVR recordings using that TV?

2.  If I set up Xtraview using the PVR, are those recordings still accessible?

3.  I have a copy of the Xtraview Installation Manual v3.1, which doesn't even mention the Explora.  Is a later version of this manual available?