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Sky in Britain teams up with Netflix


Re: Sky in Britain teams up with Netflix

Veery interesting article, thanks @krugie


This part by Thinus and / or a MC representative may be inaccurate, unless it's new official info;


According to MultiChoice the free Showmax offer will expire on 31 March 2019 after which DStv subscribers will have to cancel it or pay an additional fee.

We were told that Showmax could continue being free for Premium after that date, and that it would be further discussed closer to that time.


I would ask MC to comment, but that level of response seems unlikely here...


Showmax, together with DStv Now, is currently being run under the Connected Video unit.

Interesting, so that's now the combined official name of MC's online services.

So far so bad though... (CU+ currently stuck for the whole week on some(?) Exploras)

Red Carpet

Sky in Britain teams up with Netflix

I will follow @Optimist's example and post here due to a lack of an actual GENERAL section....


Something for MC to ponder over instead of playing the blaming game - goes to show there ARE other and better options - and that actually benefit your subscribers at the same time...




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