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Technical developments log


Re: Technical developments log

We have a "new" transponder since yesterday - it's been around for a long time and we think was maybe for one of the Compact VOD streams, but it's never been seen to be used for channels.

It's 11674 V and it now has at least one test ch. attached.


I'll mostly leave speculation to others but here's some interesting facts;

  • That frequency is on the Lo Band upper edge, which again suggests Hi Band development is somehow involved in current confusion.
  • Its presence was seen on a SD decoder - although some or all of them are capable of working to some extent with wider than used parameters, software normal excludes them, yet in this case it is being allowed to be included even though it appears to be a DVB-S2 based signal which some or all SD decoders can't process. As such the signal values displayed are 0%.
  • There's a couple of negatives re the belief that Hi Band is now on the way - the economy suggests it's not a period in which MC will be looking at expansion, and a recent press release mistake seems to support that as a planned Hi Band channel ended up on what is very much Lo Band.

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Re: Technical developments log

4 DVB-S type transponders are giving trouble, it appears MC & co. are making adjustments to them. (Have not been monitoring DVB-S2 types.)

It is intermittent.


Resulting symptoms include lowered signals, a tuning problem on at least some older SD decoders, possible viewing and recording confusion.


The worst is 11090 V.

The others known of are 11634 V, 11474 H, 11888 V.

The last one makes us suspect that this may be Hi Band adjustments related.

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Technical developments log

In the last couple of days ch. 196 was re-added, so may become something subs related. At this stage it's just labelled as an Event ch. with no current access.

This was previously the teenage chat(?) ch. which closed down and was then physically removed.




Certain transponders continue to give strangely low decoder-reported signal values (at least on Exploras), not related to the state of an installation. For instance, ch. 101 HD has a very low signal quality reading which a number of Forumites have confirmed.

No explanation offered by MC.

Testing with chs. 262 (VER) & 341 (HOR) should do enough until Hi Band above 11900 MHz comes into subs use.




Since its repair, the Exploras CU+ catalogue updates are no longer in sync with the VOD stream's CU & BO catalogues, but it does still update fairly regularly.




This is an update-when-we-feel-like-it thread, so don't rely on it.