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Theories re HB via SLNB & 24-1Z


Re: Theories re HB via SLNB & 24-1Z

@Optimist wrote:

...so the first question is whether to terminate that Unicable output from the diplexer or not... :-/

Sometimes it helps to put things in writing - this was discussed by us weeks ago but only now the answer seems clear.


If a "spare" younger decoder was attached to that Unicable output, and even if it was left powered off, that would make sense re circuitry needs and wouldn't mess up the HB. So the equivalent is to use a terminator.


Where would this be useful?

Perhaps in a house where a conventional HB cable between rooms would be far harder to do than to route via the SLNB's cable routes to the two rooms, and why double up on the amount of cable used.




I'll leave it there at this stage, but for any further thoughts note that I've just been told that the 24-1Z spare unicable ports also need termination.

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Re: Theories re HB via SLNB & 24-1Z

There's two main categories of unconventional possible uses of SLNB HB - a primary that needs to use a diplexer, and secondaries that are not designed for unicable use.


Primary with a diplexer:

A recent example of concern is Explora 1 + 5 series, which is a complete "mismatch" as far as their HB systems go - the first is unicable HB via diplexer, the second uses a more unique "Uniview" system, also via SLNB unicable. We don't know much about Uniview, except that the mix of the two can confuse the circuitry as discussed in the last post.


More conventional uses (using "matched" decoder types), such as an Explora 1 + 4 series, are believed to work, but on the whole it's all still quite experimental as far as our knowledge goes.


Non-unicable type secondaries (and primaries?):

A totally experimental topic, believed possible but likely to at least have complications.

Here's an idea of what is involved in the concept;

Let's say that we want to use a secondary 11xx decoder (the only remaining properly functional decoders which can use XV but can't use unicable) and supply it with HB via SLNB.

Its LNB input has to get a Universal feed. This then means that the additional HB-feeding Unicable feed, although it can be connected to a RF port via a diplexer, hasn't then got anywhere its unicable output can connect to (a decoder's LNB port) after it also exits the diplexer, so the first question is whether to terminate that Unicable output from the diplexer or not... :-/


Interesting but complex stuff. Maybe worth discussing further, maybe not...


Theories re HB via SLNB & 24-1Z

How HB (HeartBeat) works via the SLNB (Smart LNB) and the 24-1Z ES (Explora (Smart) Switch) is still even theory for MC last we heard. This thread aims to try and put together what we do know, and believe.


The first rule that GeoffD has established for us is that any Primary should use port A which is the best power related port.

And if Explora 1 and Explora 2A are in the mix, the Explora 2A is best for Primary power-wise as well.


Whether 2 or 3 decoder XV (XtraView), the following choices with the Explora 2A as Primary don't appear to give a problem;

1. Any secondary or mix of secondaries that belong to the group "Explora (any) and series 4 single view HD".

2. Any secondary or mix of secondaries that belong to the group "Explora 2A and series 5 single view HD".

3. Explora 2A + Explora 1 + series 5 is believed to work fine, but the next mix I'm going to mention is fairly similar and doesn't necessarily work so we can't be totally certain of this one IMO.


A problem was found by MC Field Services when trying Explora 2A + series 4 + series 5.

I don't recall if it was the 4 or 5 series that failed, but my money is on the 5 series being the problem as it has caused more issues than anything else with XV has for a long time.


The next post will deal with more unconventional uses of SLNB HB.