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Warning - TV licence madness


Re: Warning - TV licence madness

Well when your short a biliion rand or two every cent counts.


Warning - TV licence madness

As usual there's no general forum section so have to post somewhere barely relevant.


SABC continue not to play the game.

The following happened to a near 80 year old family member;


She was ill, so the paying of her pensioner rate TV licence this year was forgotten.

No reminders were received.

Over 6 months later, an SMS was received on one son's phone. He saw to the licence being paid immediately. Proof of payment was sent through.


A response was received, asking for... proof of payment, and without details.

Very confusing, but a phone call revealed that R7 was owed in interest. They were asked to hold it over until next year, which they refused. This even though you can't spend under R10 on some or all credit cards!

A higher management level was then reached - now they're claiming R51!!! Principal annual amount is only R74, but they think they can charge about 150% penalties now!!... anyway, still being dealt with, this just a heads-up for others.